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Cedar Gates: Not all Cedar gates are the same.  Most people don't realize there is a difference in qualities of wood.  For example; there are several types of Cedar including Western Red, Yellow, Eastern, etc.  Each type of Cedar has various quality levels in both kiln dried and air dried or "green" material.  Vertical Grain (highest quality), flat grain, STK (select tight knot), mixed grain, etc.  Prices vary dramatically from $.50/per sq. ft. to over $10.00/per sq. ft.  depending on the quality level. We typically use Vertical Grain Western Red Cedar for our stain grade gates.

Paint Grade Gates: A painted gate is a very classic finish for a wooden gate.  For paint grade gates we use Accoya.  Accoya holds up extremely well in all environments and if properly primed and painted will last decades. 

Hardwood Gates: Many of our customers like the look of a Hardwood gate.  Since everything we do is custom we can generally match any wood to our customer's requirements.

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