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Craft Gate

What's the difference?

Most gate companies build wood gates by applying a wood fascia (typically fence boards) to a steel frame.  Building gates this way typically leads to gates sagging and boards loosening from the frame.  It also results in the back of the gate looking different from the front of the gate.

The above gate is one of our craft style gates shown from behind the gate.  This is the entry quality level of our gates.  Most gate companies charge a premium to add the back steel frame.  Our Paint grade gates and custom gates have a steel frame inside the wood so the gate looks the same from the front and back.

Our gate construction process begins with the highest quality rough timber which we machine to specific tolerances based on your specifications. We start our machining process by planing down the wood to tolerances measured to the thousandths of an inch.  We then assemble your gate with outdoor weather tolerances in mind. We don’t use mechanical fasteners (i.e. nails, screws, or dowels) to hold our gates together. We draw on traditional woodworking techniques to make all of our wooden joints. We cross-laminate our joinery to allow up-to ten times as much surface glue area as a typical mortise and tenon joint.  The structural integrity of this type of joint is far superior to the dowel, mortise tenon or floating tenon joint and will last decades even in the harshest environments.  To add additional strength to our gates we install a metal frame within the wood which is not seen.

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