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Custom Gate & Access offers cedar gates (and other species of wood) designed to enhance your garden, entry, garage, or driveway. Our level of quality is unmatched by any other cedar trellis, fence, garage door, or gate manufacturer.

For our Custom line, we start with a design–either yours or ours. We then provide you with a computer-generated (CAD) drawing of your wood gate. Your gate is then made using machine shop tolerances of kiln-dried clear Western Red Cedar, Clear Heart Redwood, or Mahogany (other species of wood are available).

Each one of our Custom gates is a minimum of 234" thick (as compared to gates in our Craft line, which are 134" thick). Most other manufacturers’ gates are typically 112" thick (whether garden gates or driveway entrance gates). Not only does the thickness of our Custom line make for an impressive appearance, but it dramatically improves overall strength and durability. Our Custom gates that are over 4’ wide also have an embedded steel frame (this is especially important for solid wooden driveway gates). The steel is installed in such a way that the steel does not touch the wood; this allows natural expansion and contraction of both the steel and the wood. This additional manufacturing step results in less stress on the wooden gate, producing a more stable product that is far less susceptible to cracking.

All of our gates and carriage style garage doors, Custom or Craft, are assembled to withstand outdoor weather conditions. The same holds true for all of the wood trellises, driveway entrance gates, and other structures we sell. For example, we do not use any mechanical fasteners (nails or screws) or dowels to structurally hold our gates together. Wood joints are cross-laminated half-lap joints that allow for full natural expansion and contraction of the wood. This type of joint produces a far superior structural joint over the dowel or floating Tenon joints. On average we have 800% more surface area for gluing than a comparable Mortise and Tenon joint. This quality of fabrication is equal to or greater than the quality of furniture and cabinets in your home, with one important distinction: our cedar trellis and wood gate selections are designed to withstand an exterior environment.

Once your custom gate or other creation is completed, you are ready for installation! All of our products, including our driveway gates, are designed and manufactured for easy installation. As an extra bonus, Gate & Access offers installation for automatic gates in SF Bay area. Please read the installation page of our website for more information or contact us today.

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